Hide and Seek with Rena the Rhino Beetle

Hide and seek with Rena the Rhino Beetle


Embark on a whimsical adventure with Rena the Rhino Beetle in “Hide and Seek with Rena the Rhino Beetle.” This enchanting children’s picture book invites young readers to play an engaging game of hide-and-seek in Rena’s vibrant garden. As you turn the pages, Rena’s delightful requests will turn you into an active participant in her quest to find her insect friends.

Follow Rena’s guidance to tap on flowers, unveiling hidden secrets, and pluck spiderwebs to call Sally the Spider to aid in the search. The book’s interactive nature allows children to immerse themselves in the story while exploring the wonders of nature.

“Hide and Seek with Rena the Rhino Beetle” combines the joy of discovery with delightful illustrations that capture the magic of the natural world. It’s a heartwarming journey that celebrates friendship, nature, and the boundless power of imagination. This book is the perfect story to share with your little ones, fostering their love for reading and the beauty of the outdoors. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure with Rena!

“I absolutely love this book. I brought it as a gift and have to say it is definitely our favorite book for bedtime stories”


Meet the gang!

Sally the spider

Sally is a big, friendly arachnid who loves playing practical jokes on her friends.

Rena the Rhino Beetle

Rena is a cheerful and playful Rhino beetle who loves playing hide and seek with her bug friends.

Ben and Bertie the bees

Ben and Bertie are always together and are often seen playing in the garden.

Take a peek inside

Children can join in on the fun searching for Rena’s friends in the garden.

“We’re huge fans of Andrew Harris. We have his other books so had to get this one to add to our collection”


How to purchase?

Hide and Seek with Rena the Rhino Beetle is available for purchase exclusively on Amazon.

Please follow one of the links below or search on your local Amazon page using the ISBN number. 

Every sale is greatly appreciated. 

ISBN: 979-8754282094


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