My name is Andrew and I am a father, a full-time kindergarten teacher, and an aspiring author/ illustrator.  I moved from the United Kingdom to a small island in Japan in 2015. I was born in a fairly small city called Coventry where I completed my education.


After studying Art at University, I was in need of a change and a chance to really discover what I wanted to make of my life. Although I spent my entire childhood in Coventry, I am sorry to say that it’s a fairly uninspiring city. I had hardly traveled before so I decided that I wanted to travel the world, first setting out across western Europe and then heading further east over the next few years. Finally, I reached the place I had dreamt about going to since I was in primary school, Australia! It was here my life changed and I really felt that I could accomplish things I never thought possible.  I traveled to many countries with distinct cultures and met a lot of interesting characters along the way. While working in Australia I met my future wife and we decided to settle down and start a family.

I’ve always enjoyed Art and design and although I’ve spent long periods of time focusing on certain mediums, I love to experiment so I am constantly trying new techniques or types of art. It was only when I moved to Japan that I first started working with Digital art and it has fast become one of my favorite ways of working. Although occasionally when I get some free time I like to do some ink illustrations, watercolor, or create dioramas.

When my son was born our house quickly filled with picture books and I rekindled a new love for them. I believe that books are a very important part of a child’s education as it teaches important words and how to structure new sentences. Books can also teach crucial life lessons but most importantly helps to create precious moments between parents and children. 

I love how picture books can create their own mini-universe that can capture the imagination of children everywhere. This thought was the drive I needed to work on my own picture book. I have written, illustrated, designed, and self-published 4 picture books to this day. My inspiration usually comes from my son as his curious mind seeks new information and interests with each year that passes.

Nowadays I continue to work on exciting new art, tutorials, and picture books but also in true fashion, I am working on entirely new projects that I look forward to sharing with the world.

My dream in the future is to create a piece of original art that will be recognized around the world.  

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Hungryrex is the home and creative space of Andy Harris. you can find various tutorials based around illustrations, crafting or creating picture books. 

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