Pet sitter wanted with Frankie the fish

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Dive into an interactive adventure like no other in “Pet Sitter Wanted.” Meet Frankie, the most fin-tastic fish in town, and discover the joys and challenges of taking care of him. Frankie’s owner needs your help as a pet sitter, and it’s no easy task!


As you turn the pages, you’ll be faced with a series of tasks that require your care and creativity. From cleaning Frankie’s tank to feeding him just the right amount, you’ll play an essential role in his well-being. But beware, Frankie is no ordinary fish – he’s full of surprises!


 “Pet Sitter Wanted” is an immersive, hands-on experience that will have you laughing, learning, and problem-solving as you navigate the challenges of pet sitting Frankie.


This interactive children’s book is perfect for young readers who love adventure and surprises. Get ready to become the best pet sitter ever as you embark on this fun-filled journey with Frankie. Your skills will be tested, your heart warmed, and your imagination sparked!

What a fantastic little picture book. I have never seen an interactive picture book like this so clever and fun.
Frankie the Fish was so cheeky and full of character. The gorgeous simple & bright illustrations bringing the story to life.

Jess Hendon

Take a peek inside

Pet sitter wanted is full of ways for children to interact with Frankie.

Fantastic interactive book – kids absolutely love it (and so do we).
Wonderfully illustrated and a great fun read – it’s interactive nature keeps the kids well engaged. A firm favourite with my 5 & 7 year olds.


How to purchase?

Pet Sitter Wanted with Frankie the fish is available for purchase exclusively on Amazon.

Please follow one of the links below or search on your local Amazon page using the ISBN number. 

Every sale is greatly appreciated. 

ISBN:  979-8748001373

Click here to purchase on
Click here to purchase on
Pet Sitter Wanted with Frankie the fish is also available on Kindle.
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Hide and seek with Frankie the fish

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Pet Sitter Wanted with Frankie the fish

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