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The gentle giants of the Jurrasic period.. Learn how to draw your very own Brontsaurus with these step-by-step instructions. Stay tuned for more tutorials!

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Step 1 – Basic pose


Having a great base structure Is key to an eye-catching illustration. Try not to have any overlapping body parts. For my Brontosaurus I have applied the same smooth curve to the neck and the tail. This will give the final illustration a pleasing flow.

Step 2 – Rough sketch


Once you are happy with your basic pose it is time to start working on the rough sketch. I like to use a thick brush for the stage. For the body shape I use continuous Lines, this method helps me to make smooth curves. For all sauropods, The knees for the front and back legs face inwards so make that when your draw this rough sketch the legs are bending in the correct way.

Step 3 – Refining


The next step is to add colour to the Dinosaur. Many animals tend to have slightly paler bodies so I like to also have the same effect when drawing dinosaurs. Adding a pattern can be a great way to make your dinosaur illustration unique. I would suggest looking at the animal kingdom for sources of inspiration. This dinosaur texture was inspired by (of course) the zebra.

Step 4 – Simple shadow


Adding shadow is a great way to add slight details to the illustration. Small creases around the joints and neck and faint shadows along the edges of the body.

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how to draw a brontosaurus