Do you want to learn how to draw Jolly old Father Christmas? Learn how to draw your very own Santa Claus with these step-by-step instructions. Stay tuned for more tutorials!

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Step 1- Simple shapes

Start with a couple of round shapes, This will act as a very simple template for your Santa. One circle for the body and one for the head.

Step 2 – Rough sketch

Using the shapes you drew, start working on a very simple sketch to work out body proportions and characteristics. I drew the left arm in 2 positions so I could later decide on how I wanted to draw it.

Step 3 – Refined outlines

Rework all the outlines adding little features here and there. I wanted to put emphasis on the belly so I added little stretch marks around the belt.

Step 4 – Solid color

Choosing colors is a fairly easy task for Santa. I went for a slightly duller red for his clothes and a green sack for his presents.

Step 5 – Simple shadows

The final touch is to add some very basic shadows and faint details to your character. I have used a light grey to highlight strands of hair in his beard.

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